15 Ways to Lose Weight Naturally without Bad Effects

Being slim is the dream of all people from young until adult. Nowadays, both men and women compete to get the most ideal weight. Actually, the reason is more than to get the best appearance.

Recently, they start to think about health where fat or obesity is not good or our health. In fact, numerous heavy illnesses are ready to threaten their future even life.


How to lose weight


Fortunately, finding how to lose weight naturally is easy and various. It becomes the trendsetter because of the safe and effective way. Okay, how you would conduct it?

Tips to Lose Weight Naturally through Diet

Some people still less trust in the natural weight loss and they choose to go to the doctor. Some other people do liposuction as another best way. However, both tips keep contain bed effects and side effect.

Alongside that, the cost is high for each time they visit their clinical or liposuction. Sometimes, consume medicine in a long time could cause kidney damage. On the other hands, those unnatural ways likely return your prior weight and more.

It is better you think twice if you would like to take those shortcuts. Commonly, the effect is temporary differs from the loose weight naturally. You might take a longer time to see the result, but you would feel it longer too.

Definitely, there are a lot of choices to do the natural weight loss with five diet tips. Okay, here are what to do:

Specify your target

Make a realistic goal to support your diet program such as 1 kg per week. Determine the other target not to eat junk foods, reduce portion, and so forth.

Be optimistic

This thinking is very important because you will lose spirit and impossible to realize your diet without it. You should be sure that you would be a success.

Active moves

Do not hope that your mission will succeed if you are a slacker. You never move from your chair, never walk, and never run. Remove your energy to jogging, upstairs, ride a bike, and so it. It is better and it useful to ease your diet.

Drink a lot of mineral water


Mineral Water Weight loss


In fact, not many people like to consume mineral water. They prefer like drink tea, coffee, milk, cola, and other canned beverage. Of course, those beverages contain much sugar and other chemical essences. They would enhance your weight and fat faster.

Moreover, you drink one or two of them every day and more than one time.

It is okay if you could not leave it now yet try to reduce the amount. Then, balance it with consuming the mineral water. It will reduce the performance of your kidney, so it keeps working well and healthy.

The mineral water also helps to get rid of toxic on the body and increase your brain’s performance. Besides that, it makes the skin brighter and smooth. When you use it to your diet program, do it before eat. Drink the water before eating to give full effect and reduce your portion.

Eat much fiber

Fiber has a significant role to lose weight naturally and hold hungry feel. If you agree to this method, you must eat much food from the bean. You have to consume avocado, banana, papaya, red rice, broccoli, pear, corn, cabbage, and so on. At the time you eat those, it will:

  • Lose weight
  • Facilitate the detoxification process in the body
  • Lowers high cholesterol
  • Cleanse your digestive tract
  • Helps prevent colon disease
  • Prevents the appearance of fatty deposits in blood vessels
  • Control blood sugar
  • Slows glucose absorption

Apparently, the benefits not only occur on your diet but also more. So, why not to add the amount of fiber in your meal?

Reduce the portion of food but multiply the frequency

Fix your mind about the opinion to hold your eating frequency. The right way is to add the frequency but reduce the portion. It is very effective because you keep getting enough nutrients. Meanwhile, reduce the frequency only add the new problem for you.

Stop eating from 6 p.m.

Some people say to stop eating after 6 p. m but other states to stop it after 7 p.m. Which one makes you feel agree? Most people agree to the first option. Better leave dinner than breakfast and lunch.

You keep able to do breakfast with your normal portion because you would use all of the energy to work. At least, it is useful until your lunch comes. Next, have lunch with a smaller portion from the breakfast.

After that, you do a big meal before 6 p.m. You might do not do that at all because you would not use the energy. Usually, the people use the night time only to watch TV, gathering to the family, and sleep. Consequently, change your dinner with an apple, banana, or juice with no sugar.

Avoid unhealthy snacks

Avoid unhealthy snack

Unhealthy snacks usually contain high sugar. Such foods only cause some problems. For examples are diabetes, high cholesterol, sweet food addiction, obesity, cavities, and other diseases.

Avoid snacks and sodas with high sugar content. Pay attention to the nutritional content in the nutritional table on each of your food or drink packages.

Most people feel difficulty to stop snacking because this activity is fun. It helps to kill their busy and or boring time. Sometimes, several people do it to hold hungry but the big meal time not come yet. If you feel difficulty to do, change your usual snacks with fruits.

Drink lime juice every morning

Take advantage of lime to lose weight naturally. Do it by drinking lime juice with a glass of warm water in the morning. This fruit can lose weight because lime works to absorb calcium in fat cells.

How to Lose Weight Naturally with Exercise

Actually, conduct lose weight naturally is not difficult but it needs a high commitment. When you do not evolve the commitment in your program, it is same with vain. Moreover, there is much interference during running the diet. How if you want to do with along with sweat? Just do it with some exercises such as the following:


Cardio is an exercise that involves almost all members of the body for running, cycling, swimming, and so on. This exercise makes all your muscles work starting. You will feel their performance from the calf muscles, thigh muscles, back muscles, abdominal muscles, arms, and shoulders.


Yoga is very helpful in removing fat in the stomach, excess gas so that it promotes digestion. Also, this exercise effectively burns fat only by harmonizing the body and mind.

When you succeed in becoming more relaxed, your body will release hormones that help the fat burning process. Start doing yoga for 10-20 minutes every day. Thus, the body can carry out the maximum metabolic system.

Sit-ups and push-ups

Other types of exercise are sit-ups and push-ups. Here, you also have to do it regularly to get maximum results. For the initial process, do ten sit-ups and ten push-ups. Then, increase the intensity of the exercise every day. This exercise will help you lose weight in a short time. If you want to control your appetite and get the effect of being easily satiated, do it in the morning.

Exercise is indeed a very effective way to lose weight naturally, quickly, and practically. There are many types of sports that you can choose from. Actually, you can also choose other types of sports that are lighter and easier.

Tips to Lose Weight Naturally in Traditional Way

Nowadays, there are a lot of busy people so that they say no time to exercise. Even though, they still have enough time to hang out with their friends at night. Actually, it is just about them who want to do it or not. It is no problem if they really lack the time and dislike of exercises.

Luckily, there is still one more way to lose weight naturally. The last choice is using a traditional way. You can try some traditional herbs to lose weight safely. Besides being safe, this method has proven to be very effective and low budget. Here are three traditional herbs which you could try:

Green Tea

Green tea is very popular in Japan and is effective for losing weight traditionally and naturally. You can replace your black tea at home with green tea and drink it regularly. Many people have believed that this is one of the effective ways to lose weight.

Green tea can reduce weight by facilitating the body’s metabolic processes. In fact, this also helps promote fat metabolism and removes fat in the body. In terms of health, green tea is rich in anti-oxidants to prevent cancer. In addition, it also lowers the levels of LDL bad cholesterol in the body.

By the way, how to get the optimal performance from the green tea? Here, what to do:

  • Drink green tea regularly before eating.
  • Drink without sugar
  • Drinking green tea before meals make the stomach feel fuller and can reduce your meal portion.

Lime tea

You certainly still remember the above review about the lime above. How do you serve the drink for your diet program? In fact, there are still other ways to enjoy this fresh fruit. You can brew it using regular green tea or tea.

Well, you could make a fresh lime with preparing a bag of tea or 3 teaspoons. Put it in your glass which contains hot water. Then, add the lime juice into it and you better consume it routinely.

Honey and Ginger

Honey is very famous for having many benefits to prevent and treat several diseases. In addition, natural sweeteners from bees can also be used to lose weight naturally. This is because honey contains fructose, a substance that will burn body fat indirectly. Meanwhile, ginger can suppress appetite naturally.

So you can reduce your intake of food and not easily feel hungry. How to brew the herb with these ingredients? Okay, prepare a glass with hot water. Then, mix three tablespoons of honey and two tablespoons of ginger juice into the glass. For optimal results, drink two times a day.

FYI: 10 Bad Effects of Lose Weight Unnaturally

For you who still regard lose weight naturally is not effective, you should change the mind. Read these bad effects of the loose weight unnaturally to make up your mind:

Increase heart rate

Taking diet pills can increase your heart rate. This is because diet pills contain stimulants that can stimulate the work of the heart.


Another dangerous side effect is that it can cause diarrhea and various other intestinal problems.

Kidney problems

Diet pills can cause kidney and liver damage if you consume them regularly. This is because the two organs work hard to digest the harmful chemicals in diet pills.

Bleeding in the rectum

Bleeding in the rectum because taking diet pills appears when you defecate.

Easily nervous and anxious

Diet pills can make you feel nervous or anxious for no apparent reason.

Hard to sleep

Diet pills can be your sudden sleep pattern. You become insomnia and are more and more nervous.


In addition to raising your heart rate, diet pills also cause hypertension or high blood pressure.

Digestive system disorders

There are still many digestive system disorders besides diarrhea. That’s all just because you take diet pills.

Migraines and headaches

Severe headaches and even migraines can appear after you take diet pills.

Damage to the liver

Liver damage can occur if you consume diet pills in the long run.

By the way, dangerous pills may cause those bad effects. Nonetheless, you do not allow just any taking medicine from the drugstore. Go to the doctor to get the right diet with a pill which is suitable for your body and condition.

Anything the diet is, lose weight naturally is better and the best. It only has a low risk or few bad effects but actually almost none.

Besides it is safe, the price to run the diet is very low. Even, you could get it in your kitchen (for the food and drink).

Choose the best diet for your health and future.

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