7 Ways to Make Body Slimmer Before Sleeping

According to research, at night, our body will burn at least 300 to 400 calories. This is equivalent to the energy expended when running or jogging for one hour.

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According to experts, getting enough sleep can indeed help you lose weight.

In addition there are habits at night that can also affect weight loss during sleep.

As informed from Brightside, here are seven ways you can do before bed to lose weight.

Sleep with Cold Temperature

Experts recommend sleeping with temperatures around 18 degrees Celsius. According to Dr Michael Breus, our bodies are designed to begin to cool in the afternoon until the evening.

Our body operates a process called thermoregulation on a 24-hour cycle, just as the sleep-wake cycle can make the body adjust the core temperature. Lowering body temperature at night can help you sleep more soundly.

But by increasing it can also make the body move into alert conditions in the morning.

So according to Dr Breus is very important to find a balance between heat and cold. For that, we need to understand that the optimal room temperature for sleep is around 18 degrees Celsius.

And the best benefit of sleeping with a cooler body temperature is that it can make the body burn more energy to retain heat.

This is why the body will look thinner in the morning.

Drink Grape Juice

According to research, berries, one of which wine can actually help to burn calories. Scientists from Washington State University conducted this study in mice.

Mice will receive reservatol in an amount equivalent to 12 ounces per day for humans.

Reservatol is a polyphenol, a type of antioxidant found in most fruits, including grapes.

Those who consume reservatol have a 40% lower chance of being obese.

Veterinary professor Min Du and scientist Songbo Wang showed that rats fed a diet containing 0.1 percent resveratrol were able to convert excess white fat into active cream fat that burns energy.

So by drinking a glass of grape juice at night can help remove fat in the body.

Sleep and Wake Up at the Same Time

By adjusting the same hours of sleep every day can reduce weight on the body. For example, sleep at 11 pm and wake up at 7 in the morning every day.

According to research conducted by Professor Bruce Bailey, those who have a good sleep pattern will have a healthier weight because consistent sleep and wake up will be associated with lower body fat.

Research shows sleeping less than 6.5 hours or more than 8.5 hours can make the body produce higher fat.

The study was conducted by recording the activity of several women for one week.

And based on the results of the study found that participants who slept and woke up at a consistent time every day had lower body fat.

Hide Gadgets at Night

Using gadgets at night will make it harder for you to sleep.

Based on research conducted, people who are exposed to gadget gadgets on average will need 10 minutes longer to sleep, so they will wake up tired from lack of sleep.

Besides the blue rays emitted from the gadget will inhibit the production of melantonin in the body. Melantonin is a hormone in the body that affects sleep time, and some experiments have found that low levels of melantonin can cause cancer.

A Harvard study also found a link between blue light on gadgets with diabetes and the possibility of obesity.

This research was conducted on 10 people who gradually shifted their sleep time in order to be able to keep looking at the cell phone.

The results of this study stated that their sugar levels became high, making them prediabetes, and leptin levels dropped.

Leptin is a hormone that makes people feel full after eating.

Eat Protein Foods

According to the NUTRIM School for Nutrition, there is no need to hesitate to eat some food before going to sleep while doing it the right way. Eat foods high in protein, such as greek yoghurt, skinless chicken breast, low-fat cheese, bananas, kefir, almonds, or peanut butter.

Research conducted by the Department of Human Movement Sciences, NUTRIM School for Nutrition, the Netherlands, proves eating protein foods before bedtime can be an effective source of nutrition to increase the availability of plasma amino acids, stimulate skeletal muscle protein synthesis, thereby increasing the balance of protein in the body during the night’s sleep .

Do Physical Exercise

Doing physical exercise can eliminate stress and increase metabolism in the body before going to sleep.

Based on research published in the journal Progress in Cardiovascular Diseases, a combination of cardio and resistance exercises can help significant weight loss, especially if doing high volume cardio.

Other studies have also found that exercising at night will not interfere with the sleep cycle.

Drink Herbal Tea

Herbal tea can make the body healthier. One tea that can be tried is cinnamon tea.

Some studies have found that cinnamon can reduce blood sugar levels in diabetics.

Other studies have found that cinnamon can reduce cholesterol.

Based on the results of laboratory tests, cinnamon can also reduce inflammation, have antioxidant content and can fight bacteria in the body.

Besides cinnamon, peppermint tea also helps reduce appetite, while tea with chamomile content serves to improve digestion and relaxes nerves.

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