How to Get Fit and Slim by Walking

Walking is one of the easiest types of exercise to do and without cost. When you go to work, take your child to school, when shopping, you can do it while walking.

Get Fit and Slim by Walking

Exercise in the context of a slimming diet does not always have to go to a gym or be done in special places.

Enough to walk normally, you have been able to reduce the risk of heart disease and make your body slimmer.

Benefit of Walking

Many benefits can be obtained by doing this sport, some of which are:

  • Research conducted in the United States of 100,000 women proves that walking exercise is effective in reducing mortality or extending life compared to those who do not exercise. In fact, medical research conducted in America and Japan states that men and women who walk regularly and not excessively can reduce doctors’ medical expenses by 12%. If you are healthy, you don’t need to go to the doctor right?
  • Other studies also show walking activities are also beneficial for reducing adrenaline (stress hormones) while increasing endorphins (natural morphine in the body that is soothing), and triggers a body cell in the formation of mitochondria (energy factories). To be more beneficial, do it regularly and gradually to help prevent and help cure health problems such as lowering high blood pressure, preventing osteoporosis, blood circulation, reducing the risk of diabetes, improving body metabolism, strengthening body muscles, losing weight, relieving back pain, improve sexual life and much more.

Healthy and slim strategy on Walking

Even though walking can be done by anyone, you still need to pay attention to how the health professional recommends the benefits.

Here are some rules that need to be considered.


Surely all normal people often walk. However, the intention of beginners here is people who are not accustomed to walking on frequencies more frequently and over longer distances.

Well if you belong to a category like the one above, it’s best to walk on flat terrain and at a speed that is adjusted to ability. Do it 2-5 times a week, for 20-30 minutes each exercise.

Being trained

After practicing regularly for 6 weeks, you should start trying more difficult terrain, such as hilly roads or stairs. This method is useful for nourishing the heart and lungs while strengthening muscles and bones compared to practicing on a flat surface.

Like doing a fitness program, you also need to make a planning program on foot. Increasing the portion of exercise gradually but not more than 10% every week allows for an adaptation process. Through this program, you can also improve your fitness level in the next 8-12 weeks.

Remember, don’t forget about heating and cooling because they are absolutely necessary. To warm up, do walking with a normal rhythm for 5 minutes. While for cooling, do stretching (stretching) on each leg.

So, for exercise to be more fun and not boring, it never hurts if you vary the places and distance of the exercise. Or it could be by inviting your partner, friends, relatives, and even neighbors to join and at the same time be your rival.

The attitude of the body is also important When walking, do not forget to pay attention to good posture. With the right posture, you can not only make the muscles of the body work well, but you can also walk faster and have more maximum efficacy. The right posture when walking is as follows:

Posture on Walking

Don’t look down

Be relaxed but try to keep your head upright and foresight, or just imagine you have to maintain the balance of apples that are just above your head. This method also helps you focus more and concentrate.

Don’t bow

Keep your posture upright and also help to circulate air and blood in the body and make you not easily tired.

Swing your hands

With your elbows bent forward forming a 90-degree angle, you can easily increase the speed and intensity of walking.


Walking fast can train reflexes when facing danger while burning more calories. To minimize the risk of injury when stepping, swing your heel first to the ground, followed by the tips of your toes.

So, don’t ever hesitate to walk faster, farther, and more often, so that you can feel the benefits immediately!

A health expert has also said that walking hurriedly is also effective in burning calories and fat in your body.

Tips for Choosing the Right Road Shoes

Using appropriate shoes will increase comfort and pleasure when you walk. Here are some things you need to pay attention to when buying sports shoes.

Place of toes

Spherical and wide toes space is useful for preventing thickening of the skin (calluses) at the top and sides of the toes.

The outside part

Made from ingredients that are soft and absorb sweat to give comfort to the feet.

The inside part

So that the feet are not easily injured and blister, look for shoes that have pads inside. We recommend that you choose the inner layer that is smooth and absorbs sweat and can be removed so that it can be aerated or replaced.

Heel support

To stabilize your feet while walking and avoid injury, look for those that support the outer heel to spread around the shoe.

Rocker shape

A good shoe is one that can provide the right flexibility and swing heels. Look for shoes that have natural arches from heels to toes.

Inner Soles

Also called sock/inner. This inner sole adds a little bearing and support.

Hopefully, the tips for walking for health and slimming above can be useful.

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