5 Weaknesses of Corona Virus that You Must Know

Until now, researchers are still trying to find a COVID-19 vaccine to reduce the number of victims of infection.

It is known that the number of victims so far has reached more than two thousand. The number is very worrying because it continues to grow every day.


This virus easily spreads from one human to another in a fast time. Therefore, various methods are used to break the chain of spread.

They are ranging from social distancing, regional quarantine trials, the appeal to maintain cleanliness that continues to be promoted until now to fight COVID-19.

The latest news now, the government requires people to use masks, cloth masks, for example, because other masks that are more sterile are difficult to obtain, and the prices are not reasonable. This is solely a form of self-alert to avoid COVID-19 infection.

But do you know if the coronavirus has some weaknesses that we can deal with to prevent the spread of transmission?

If you are curious, this article simpliways.com will discuss five weaknesses of the coronavirus that you must know. Check the following information.

1. Easy to Destroy by Using Soap and Flowing Water

The weakness of the first coronavirus is that it is easily destroyed and dies if exposed to soap and cleaned with running water.

That is the reason why the government and several other health campaigns require us to be diligent in washing our hands both before the move and after the movement.

The soap compound destroys the three parts of the coronavirus:

• DNA or RNA, which is the core of the virus.

• Protein which is the raw material for viruses to multiply.

• A layer of fat as an outer protector.

The three parts are not tightly bound to one another so that, when the fat layer is destroyed because it meets the soap compound, the coronavirus will be destroyed and die.

Therefore, to avoid the spread of COVID-19, you must be diligent in washing your hands because this action is effective in destroying the virus.

Wash your hands properly (a minimum of 20 seconds exposed to soap before rinsing) and clean them with running water so that your hands remain healthy and sterile, even viruses will be difficult to infect.

2. Can Lose with Antibodies

Furthermore, another weakness of the coronavirus is that it is easily defeated with healthy human antibodies. Viruses will be difficult to enter the human body if humans have a strong immune system or antibodies.

A good immune system is obtained from a healthy lifestyle, for example, diligently exercising and diligently consuming vegetables and fruits. Nutrients in food can provide many benefits that affect the body’s immune system.

Of course, the news that one of the weaknesses of the coronavirus is that it is difficult to infect the body with strong antibodies is confirmed by a study conducted in Australia.

They made a number of experiments with COVID-19 patients and monitored their antibody levels every day.

Indeed, this still needs a lot of scientific evidence and, on a larger scale, whether this virus really has a weakness with healthy antibodies. But at least, this study reminds us to continue to maintain healthy lifestyles and endurance, so it is not susceptible to various diseases.

3. Easily Eradicated with Disinfectants

The coronavirus that causes COVID-19 turns out to be quite weak when dealing with disinfectants. This is similar to other coronaviruses that cause SARS and MERS.

Based on the results of the study, the virus can be deactivated with disinfectant material, namely alcohol with 60% -70%, 0.5% hydrogen peroxide, or sodium hypochlorite with 0.1% content within 1 minute.

That is also the reason why the current disinfectant mass spraying intensified both sprayings in the corners of the city to individuals.

You can also use disinfectants to clean up some of the items or equipment that you use every day to avoid viral infections.

4. Easily Weak When Affected by Hot temperatures

The weakness of the coronavirus is that it is easily weakened in hot temperatures. Indeed no research proves that this theory is correct; Covid-19 is weak against heat.

However, in the coronavirus that causes SARS, heat is proven to weaken the virus. It is also similar to data published by WHO that the virus that causes SARS can be killed at 56 ° C.

5. Can not last long on the surface

Coronavirus can indeed last several days on the surface of objects. However, over time, this virus is no longer strong enough to cause infection.

So that both the WHO and the Indonesian Ministry of Health do not prohibit package shipping activities between countries because the risk of transmission through the package delivery media is very low.

Those are five weaknesses of coronavirus that you need to know. It may be useful.

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