Learn from Subiantoro’s Experience of Controlling Hypertension

For Subiantoro, life begins since the age of 40 years does not match. For him, life begins at 60.

Subiantoro was very grateful for his life because up to the age of 60, his body condition remained excellent.

But entering the age of 60 years, according to him, the condition of his body suddenly changed … not as usual when the morning walk with his wife, suddenly his body was dizzy like the earth would turn upside down.

Experience of Controlling Hypertension

Finally Subiantoro did a health check at a hospital. South Jakarta Region. The results showed blood pressure 200/100, cholesterol 200 and triglyceride 250.

This result made Subiantoro surprised because so far he never reached this high.

At that time, the doctor gave drugs to reduce hypertension and cholesterol, which he said had to be taken every day for life.

According to his statement, Subiantoro was shaken by this doctor’s advice, because since he was young, he was not accustomed to drugs.

Since he was young, Subiantoro was accustomed to taking herbs to maintain his health.

Subiantoro said the price of the drug was 10 thousand rupias (when he told this incident in 2012), even so, he did not dispute the cost.

But there was no choice for him at that time other than taking drugs for the sake of lowering his blood pressure.

Then, not so long time, Subiantoro got information from his friend about Dr Tan Shot Yen, a doctor who helped patients with natural healing, by regulating diet and activities.

After meeting Dr. Tan, Subiantoro received the following direction:

Directions for Controlling Hypertension

  • Dr Tan gives more advice about healthy lifestyles including thought patterns (minimizing stress), patterns of activity, eating patterns and patterns of rest (back to nature) that need to be carried out independently by patients.
  • Patients are asked to take responsibility for maintaining their health and are not dependent on drugs.
  • Dr Tan prescribes only if needed but gives more guidance on what is good to eat and what is not and what should be done to take care of the patient’s own health.

Previous Subiantoro Lifestyle

Since his youth, Subiantoro has taken care of his health, but by his version, he considered healthy.

He is accustomed to doing the following things:

  • Doing meditation to calm down.
  • Adhere to a vegetarian diet.
  • Cook food with ingredients that are considered healthy, such as olive oil for cooking, and cooked vegetables and soy sauce.

The Culprit of Subiantoro Hypertension

As Subiantoro said, Dr Tan explained that it could be a trigger for hypertension from the food processing process.

The following are thought to be the culprits:

  • Even if processed with plant food, but how to process it by cooking vegetables such as sautéing, frying and soy sauce can eliminate some of the nutrients and enzymes.
  • Olive Oil should be consumed raw as a salad dressing instead of being used as oil for sauteing or frying.
  • Consume excessive amounts of soy sauce.

So Subiantoro tried to lead a healthy life but the method applied according to Dr Tan did not meet nutrition and health sciences. So it needs to be changed in lifestyle to improve their health conditions.

Changes in Subiantoro Lifestyle to Control Hypertension

Subiantoro made changes to his diet and activities as recommended by Dr Tan to restore the body’s system to its “nature”. It means “healthily balanced”.

Healthy means consuming foods that are not too much processed or more natural.

Balanced means that carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamin and mineral needs are fulfilled.

Here are the things he does:

  • Eat foods according to balanced nutrition (carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals).
  • Choosing food ingredients that support bodily functions correctly, as informed by Dr Tan. The enzyme intake was chosen by raw food as a source of carbohydrate. The protein chosen is fish, chicken, tofu, tempeh, beans that are not fried or overheated.
  • As a substitute for cooking oil olive oil is used in an unheated state.
  • Avoid sugar and flour.
  • Perform routine and measurable exercise.
  • Basking in the morning sun.
  • Measure blood pressure 4 times a day and record the results.
  • Releasing hypertension and cholesterol medications that were previously consumed.

Subiantoro Blood Pressure After Changes in Diet and Activity

  • lost 3 kg in the first 2 weeks. But blood pressure is still up and down not yet stable.
  • Furthermore, after treadmill exercise in an orderly manner and still eating the right diet, Subiantoro’s health condition is getting better.
  • Blood pressure is stable at 120/80.
  • Emotions are more stable, no longer often panic and emotions when facing traffic jams in the car.

I shortened the story above based on Subiantoro’s real experience taken from the 2012 edition of Nirmala magazine.

Thus Subiantoro’s experience in controlling his hypertension returned to normal.

The conclusion:

When we experience various kinds of health problems, including hypertension, we need to reflect on what has been wrong in our lifestyle.

Try the drugs that we consume only for short-term needs, but the most important thing is how we can improve the previous lifestyle to make the body to a normal state, so the consumption of drugs can be stopped (if the body’s condition is normal).

May be useful!

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