How to cure Hemorrhoids Naturally at Home

People who have an unhealthy diet are very susceptible to hemorrhoids. Pregnant women are also vulnerable to hemorrhoids. That is why a lot of people are looking for about how to cure hemorrhoids (piles).

It is not a serious illness, but they feel torture when they get it. People who get it feel pain when they want to sit.

What Are Hemorrhoids?

Actually, what are hemorrhoids or piles? It is the condition where the occurrence of inflammation or swelling in the veins around the anus. Hemorrhoids can also appear in the rectum or the rectum and usually, this disease occurs because often or later it strikes during a bowel movement.


Type of Hemorrhoids

How to cure hemorrhoids at Home fast

Hemorrhoids break down into two such as Internal Hemorrhoids and External Hemorrhoids.

Internal Hemorrhoids

The internal hemorrhoids are the swelling in the rectal duct. On the grade 1 symptoms, the sufferer does not feel pain, but it can make the bloody stool or itching and burning sensations in the rectum.

External Hemorrhoids

Meanwhile, the external hemorrhoids occur in outside of the rectum (on the anal canal).

It makes pain, itchy, bloody, and torn. Nonetheless, the illness is not dangerous and not contagious. Even, it can heal itself or use hemorrhoid drugs.

In external hemorrhoids, blood clots can occur (thrombosed hemorrhoids)  which can cause severe pain due to the strangulation of hemorrhoids.


Generally, hemorrhoids sufferers are reluctant to go to the doctor because they think hemorrhoids are harmless. There are also those who are reluctant because they feel embarrassed because they are located in the anal area.

Though not all complaints in the rectum are hemorrhoids, there are still other types of diseases around the anus, so if the diagnosis is wrong, self-medication becomes ineffective.

The first stage that needs to be examined is the history of the patient’s disease. Then the next step that needs to be done is physical inspection and rectal touche (anal plug).

After that, evaluate problems (anoscopy) of the anus is performed with a small or rectoscopy device (examination of binoculars from the anus to as far as approximately 20 cm).

Other examinations that can be done are blood, urine, and stools. As well as for advanced stages of analysis can be with roentgen (colon in a loop) or colonoscopy (examination of binoculars from the anus to see the entire length of the large intestine (colon)).

After the examination is completed, then conclusions are drawn by determining the type of disease (diagnosis).

Internal Hemorrhoids Symptoms

Internal Hemorrhoids treatment

Before you know about how to cure hemorrhoids, you need to know all about the Hemorrhoids symptoms:

Grade 1

Grade 1 is indicated by symptoms of blood in the stool when defecating or itching and burning sensations in the rectum.

Grade 2

At Grade 2 it is indicated by symptoms of each feces coming out, also prolapsed exits. But this prolapsed will enter again by itself after the feces come out, and the patient gets up.

Grade 3

In Grade 3 prolapsed come out with the feces, but to enter (into the rectum) must be done manually (by hand), or after a while, it will slowly enter into the rectum by itself.

Grade 4

In this Grade prolapsed can come out by itself when defecating or not. This happens especially when walking for a long time or tired. So that this prolapsed needs to be entered into the rectum manually with the help of hands.

Hemorrhoid Causes

The Causes of hemorrhoids is the swelling of the veins in around and or outside of the rectum. It happens because of the lower rectum get increased pressure. Here are the causes of the increased pressure:

  • Chase when you defecate
  • Sit too long
  • Chronic constipation or diarrhea
  • Obesity or excess weight
  • Pregnant
  • Lack of fiber
  • Age factor
  • Lifting heavy loads

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Hemorrhoids Treatment

Treatment of hemorrhoids is done after the diagnosis of the patient. There are two types of treatment that can be done, by way of surgery and non-surgery.

Treatment by surgery is done by anesthesia (narcosis).

In non-surgical treatment, the use of natural ingredients and herbs can be done to reduce inflammation, bleeding, and pain (pain). Treatment with herbs is aimed at grade 1 to 2 hemorrhoids.

As for grade 3-4 symptoms, the right treatment can be done through the doctor’s actions by injection or other methods according to the doctor’s recommendation.


Hemorrhoids medical treatment


In addition to treatment, lifestyle including a healthy diet is also beneficial in the healing process.

How To Cure Hemorrhoids at Home Fast and Naturally (for Grade 1 – 2)

Most people cannot hold the pain so that they need to heal it, so further action is needed to treat hemorrhoids.

Natural Resources to cure Hemorrhoids (reduce the pain)

According to the grade, you can reduce this illness use natural medicines and cream. There are many herbs or the natural ingredients to cure it:

Apple Vinegar

You can use apple vinegar quite easily. Just soak the cotton in apple cider vinegar, then, apply it to the hemorrhoid area slowly. Repeat this process until the pain subsides and inflammation disappears. Also, mix water with apple vinegar to rinse the anus when you take a shower.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a plant that has a cool gel and contains anti-inflammatory properties.

This plant turns out to be a hemorrhoid drug by soothing and relaxing the inflamed blood vessels.

It also reduces the size of hemorrhoid in the anus.

Aloe vera also contains arakuinon which can push the contents of the intestine out softer.

Stool in the intestine becomes easier to move. So, prevent the blockage of hemorrhoid causes.

Consuming aloe vera juice half a cup 3 times a day can reduce the symptoms of hemorrhoids.

Aloe vera pieces applied to the hemorrhoid area can also help relieve hemorrhoids and reduce pain.

Garlic (Allium sativum)

Garlic can also treat natural hemorrhoids. This is because this kitchen ingredient is very rich in sulfur. Also, this plant contains minerals, amino acids, enzymes alliinase, myrosinase, and peroxidase. However, the most important is the presence of anti-inflammatory and antibacterial substances.

The role of garlic in hemorrhoid disease is to destroy various intestinal bacteria, improve blood circulation, and protect blood vessels. Garlic can be applied directly to hemorrhoids or eaten raw.

White oak bark

Not all countries have white oak trees. However, there are many natural hemorrhoid drugs in herbal stores. White oak bark has another name, Quercus alba. This plant is for treating internal and external hemorrhoids. The properties of white oak bark are antiseptic, tonic and hemostatic.

These properties can reduce the symptoms of severe hemorrhoid to bleed. Oak bark contains calcium and tannins which are quite high.

The content keeps the soft tissue and strengthens the intestinal capillaries from the rectum. Also, white oak bark extracts overcome itching and irritation due to hemorrhoid. How to cure hemorrhoids is boiling or steaming the skin of a white oak tree.

Then, apply the liquid from the boiling result to the anus area that has hemorrhoid. If not, you can consume it like herbal tea.

Stone Roots

Rock roots or Collinsonia Canadensis can reduce hemorrhoid. Also, it also reduces the pressure that is too large and even prevents varicose veins. Rock root plants have anticonvulsant, antioxidant, diuretic, astringent, tonic and sedative properties.

Use boiled root extracts of water. Apply directly to the hemorrhoid anus.

Besides natural resources above, here are some herbal recipes to cure hemorrhoids safely :

Herbal Recipes to Cure Hemorrhoids

If the symptoms of hemorrhoids are still in grade 1-2, you can try herbal treatments. Here are some herbal recipes to treat hemorrhoids :

Aloe vera

Effect: Relaxes the large intestine to easily defecate. As a laxative, anti-inflammatory softens the skin (emollients).

Mix: Peel 1/2 leaf of aloe vera, remove the thorn. Cut into pieces, wash the mucus, then grated. Add 1/2 cup

boiled water and 2 tablespoons of honey. Stir and strain. Drink 3 times a day.

(by Dr. Setiawan Dalimartha)

Green Juice Recipe (for Detoxification)

People who suffer from constipation tend to get hemorrhoids. Types of foods that are not fibrous like white bread or other foods made from wheat flour can cause hemorrhoids. So the body needs to be cleaned of leftovers in the body.

Morning Juice :


Carrot 1 glass

Spinach 1/2 glass

Radish 1/4 glass

Juice mixed of the vegetables or juice separately, then drink it.

Noon Juice :


Carrot 1 glass

Spinach 1/2 glass

Juice mixed of the vegetables or juice separately, then drink it.

Evening Juice :


Carrot 1 glass

Celery 1/2 glass

Spinach 1/3 glass

Juice mixed of the vegetables or juice separately, then drink it.

(Note 1 liter = 4 glasses)

(Recipe by Dr.N.W.Walker)

Using Hemorrhoid Cream

Besides the herbs, as mention above the people can use several other methods. They can choose a surgeon, doctor’s medicine, or quite use cream.

Using cream to cure the hemorrhoids is better and practice. Some people also recognize it as the safest medicine and less of negative effect. It is because the cream includes as the external medicine.

Therefore, you can rub it on the swelling part directly. When you use it regularly, it will reduce some symptoms. It is such as itchy, swelling, pain, and the rest.

Hemorrhoids Prevention

There is no better thing to do than to do prevention before a disease disorder comes.

There are some tips to prevent hemorrhoids:

  1. Many drink water. It’s better to drink lots of water and reduce caffeinated alcoholic beverages.
  2. Many eat containing fiber. For example vegetables, fruit, brown rice or brown rice, whole grains, whole grains, and nuts.
  3. Immediately defecate because it ignores the urge to defecate to make stools hard and dry. This will force you to push when defecating.
  4. Exercise regularly: this activity can reduce blood pressure, constipation, and help you lose weight.
  5. Lose weight.
  6. Avoid drugs that cause constipation (for example painkillers that contain codeine).
  7. Do not sit too long.
  8. Beware of Laxatives
  9. Avoid infection
  10. Limit eating spicy food

In conclusion, the hemorrhoids is not a serious problem for your health. It is also not contagious because the disease comes from your bad habits. Therefore, change the better lifestyle is the only way to prevent it.

The important thing is to do the right diagnosis before treatment.

If you or someone is already affected by hemorrhoids, you do not need to worry. Due to the classification, hemorrhoids can heal with some methods. This disease can heal itself or take medicines and herbs.

Once again, as an alternative treatment, you can try herbal which is simpler and easy to find.

That all about how to cure hemorrhoids. Well, choose which one fits you!

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