5 Proven Health Benefits of Chocolate

Chocolate is loved by many people, and chocolate is not only delicious but there are many benefits that we can get from consuming chocolate. To reap the benefits of chocolate, you can simply consume it in moderation, and don’t overdo it.

To get the maximum benefit, you should choose dark chocolate which contains at least 70% chocolate.

Health benefits of dark chocolate

It tastes a little bit bitter but this type of chocolate is actually very good for health because it contains less sugar so it does not endanger the health of our bodies.

The amount of chocolate is listed on the packaging label. You can look at the packaging for product composition.

Health Benefits of Chocolate

Control of hypertension

Jeffrey Blumberg, PhD, Director of the Antioxidants Research Laboratory at Tuft University examined the ability of chocolate to overcome hypertension.

Dark chocolate (dark chocolate) given to volunteers with hypertension as much as 80 grams per day, after 2 weeks has been proven to significantly reduce blood pressure.

Good again, bad LDL cholesterol will shrink. While volunteers who get white chocolate (white chocolate) did not experience any improvement.

Make the heart healthy

A number of scientists from the Harvard University of Public Health conducted research on 136 results of the study link chocolate with health.

The conclusion they got, chocolate was clearly able to nourish the heart.

The health benefits of chocolate on the heart come from the smooth flow of blood, the reduction in the possibility of fat movement in the walls of blood vessels (which can potentially cause narrowing/blockage of blood vessels), and the reduction of bad LDL cholesterol.

This progress is thanks to the active antioxidants in chocolate, namely flavonoid compounds, which can prevent cell damage and inflammation.

So confirmed Mary B. Engler, PhD, chocolate researcher and Director of the Cardiovascular and Genomics Graduate Program at the University of California, San Francisco, School of Nursing.

Improve endurance and restore fatigue after exercise

Not many people know that eating chocolate can restore energy after exercise fatigue.

Drinking a glass of milk chocolate (steeping chocolate spiked with milk) can help recovery after exercise. In order for the benefits of chocolate to be more pronounced, you should put the milk in small portions.

In a limited study conducted by a team from Indiana University, USA, drivers who drank milk chocolate had better endurance scores and lower fatigue scores than all racers who drank isotonic drinks (sports drinks).

Soften the skin

German experts examine the effect of chocolate on skin health, by asking 24 women to volunteer.

Every day they were given a number of chocolate quantities fortified with flavonoids. After 3 months, their skin becomes smoother, moister and not scaly.

The researchers theorize this effect because the flavonoid compounds in chocolate help protect and facilitate blood flow to the skin, thereby improving skin appearance. And the skin will look healthier, not dry and dull.

Improve brainpower

To answer the hypothesis of the positive influence of chocolate on brain ability, experts from West Virginia’s Wheeling Jesuit University conducted a number of preliminary studies.

As a result, their hypothesis is proven. Chocolate increases blood flow into the brain, thereby strengthening the foundation of memory, widening the attention span, improving responsiveness, and increasing the ability to solve problems and reduce stress.

Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh found other facts about the benefits of chocolate on the brain.

Pheniletilamine compounds in chocolate are useful to widen the blood vessels of the brain, so as to reduce stress and also eliminate the pain of headaches and migraines while making us relaxed and stress-free.

Regarding the relaxing effect that Chocolate has, according to researchers from the University of Michigan due to increased production of the hormone serotonin after we eat chocolate.

How to Choose Chocolate

In the supermarket, you will find a variety of types of chocolate.

In addition to powdered chocolate, there are also various types of chocolate bars aka block chocolate.

Which one should be chosen, in order to provide health benefits?

Chocolate powder

There are 2 types of powdered chocolate, which are dark brown and pale brown.

Dark powdered chocolate has undergone an alkalizing process; while the colour is paler, no.

Because it is highly alkaline, the concentrated dark chocolate powder can affect the expansion of cookie dough using baking soda or baking powder.

However, if the cake mixture is made without the addition of expansion ingredients, you can mix any kind of cocoa powder.

Unsweetened chocolate

Often also called baking chocolate or bitter chocolate.

This product contains dark chocolate, without any additives. You can choose the following.

Sweet dark chocolate This product contains at least 35% chocolate. On the market available in 2 types, namely:

Bittersweet chocolate

If this one has been sprinkled with a little sugar, lecithin (to make the texture soft in the mouth), and vanilla.

This type of chocolate can still be selected as healthy chocolate.

Semisweet chocolate

The mixture is similar to bittersweet chocolate, but a little more extra sugar.

Milk Chocolate

Semisweet chocolate with a mixture of milk powder.

This type of chocolate is the basic ingredient of sweet chocolate bars (chocolate bars).

Increased fat content, due to additional fat from milk.

For those of you who are on a diet, you should avoid milk chocolate (milk chocolate) because the content of chocolate is limited, but it is abundant in milk fat.

Because excessive milk fat will reduce the benefits of chocolate itself and even consumed milk fat in excessive amounts can cause obesity.

If you have to consume it, choose dark chocolate with milk mixture (dark chocolate with milk).

To find out the content used by dark chocolate or not, you can see it in the composition of ingredients listed on the packaging.

This type of milk chocolate still contains antioxidants that can improve blood flow, according to the results of a research team from the US National Institute for Food and Nutrition Research.

White Chocolate

Actually, this one is not worthy of the name chocolate, because it does not contain chocolate at all.

White chocolate is only made from a mixture of sugar, milk, lecithin, and vanilla, and chocolate fat.

It is not wrong if this white chocolate tastes very sweet because of its high sugar content.

Often not brown fat mixed, but other vegetable fats, because brown fat is quite expensive.

So do not be surprised if consuming this type of chocolate can gain weight because there is a content of vegetable fat instead of chocolate fat.

Apart from not having the health benefits of chocolate, this product is abundantly fat. Come on, those of you who want to diet and live a healthy life should think twice before consuming this type of chocolate.

Do not include white chocolate (white chocolate) in the list of healthy foods. Despite the name chocolate, this one product does not contain chocolate at all!

And even contain high sugar levels, for those of you who want to go on a diet or lose weight, you should avoid this type of chocolate.

Similarly, the benefits of chocolate along with the types of chocolate that you can choose on the market.

May be useful!

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