Want to be slim and healthy? Know the Benefits of Dutch Teak Leaves!

Many ways that people do to be slim. There are those who use slimming multivitamins, some with extra hard exercise accompanied by a fairly strict diet; there are those who lose weight in a natural way by managing a healthy diet and exercise, besides that there are also those who consume natural foods that can slimming body.

Before you go on a diet to lose weight, you need to understand that health is the main reason why you need to lose weight.

Many people have the intention to lose weight just so they look slim in order to look attractive. This is one thing that is not true. If your body is slim but unhealthy or not fit instead of being attractive it looks just the opposite.

Pay attention to health factors when you go on a diet. One important health factor is that your body reaches the ideal weight according to the body’s ideal weight instructions.

Another important factor is what you consume to reduce your weight. Drinking lots of water can help you lose weight to ideal conditions.

Avoid consuming supplements in losing weight. Expand eating vegetables and fruits greatly helps eliminate unhealthy fat and excess muscle mass in your body.

One natural food that is proven effective for slimming is the West Indian elm or Dutch Teak plant (naming in Indonesia). Dutch Teak Leaves are actually also one of the basic ingredients of herbs that are widely used for slimming the body.


Benefits of Dutch Teak Leaves for Weight Loss


But here we do not use Dutch Teak leaves which have been processed as herbs (with other additives) but use Dutch teak leaves that are still unprocessed (except the drying process) that we will make ourselves to consume in order to lose weight.

Dutch Teak Plants (Guazuma ulmifolia) can be used to lose weight. In the past, Javanese people used to use Dutch Teak leaves as slimming herbal ingredients.

In addition to leaves, Dutch teak seeds are also used to treat flatulence and abdominal pain. While the fruit can be used as cough medicine.

Not only until there was the use of Dutch Teak leaves, even in malaria-endemic areas, but the Dutch Teak bark was also used as a medicine for malaria and diarrhea.

Nutrient Content and Benefits of Teak Teak Leaves As Weight Loss

Based on the results of laboratory tests, the Dutch Teak Leaves contain phytochemicals such as sterols, alkaloids, carotenoids, flavonoids, tannins, saponins and mucilage. Some of these plant chemicals are known as powerful antioxidants.

Weight Loss

Tanin is useful for precipitating proteins on the intestinal surface so as to reduce the absorption of food. Mucilage is useful for capturing water and forming it into a gel to form a period of feces. The combination of tannins and mucilage is useful as a body slimming.

Dutch teak leaves also contain tannic acid which resembles green tea which can inhibit the absorption of fat in the intestine.


In the research conducted by Yosie Andriani, in the IPB Biochemistry Lab, Dutch teak leaves extract is useful in reducing levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) and can raise good cholesterol (HDL).

In other words, besides being useful as a weight-loss agent, the Dutch Teak Leaves also have an effect as an alternative drug for antihyperlipidemic.

Inhibiting Lipase Enzyme Activity

Another study was conducted by Setyo S.R., from the UGM graduate program. He examined the ethanol extract of Dutch Teak leaves against lipase enzyme activity. The results of the study indicate that the ethanol extract of the Dutch Teak Leaf can reduce or inhibit serum lipase activity.

Lipase is an enzyme that works to break down fat into fatty acids before it is absorbed by the body. So Dutch Teak leaves can inhibit the absorption of fat by the body.

Safe from Toxic Effects

In addition to testing various benefits in March 2008, tests were also conducted on the toxicity of Dutch Teak Leaves by Diponegoro University, Semarang. This test is important to measure the level of safety of the use of Dutch Teak leaves so that the toxic effects of the Dutch Teak Leaves that occur are known.

The conclusion of this study is that the Dutch Teak Leaves alcohol extract is not toxic (toxic) and can reduce weight in the group that received the same dose.

How to use Dutch Teak Leaf Potion

Processing Dutch Teak Leaves before consumption is quite easy. The method is brewed like making tea.

Aside from being slimming to shed cholesterol, it is recommended to take a few Dutch Teak leaves and then brew them with hot water.

Strain before drinking and then add a little honey so that it is not bland.

As a weight loss, use seven fresh Dutch Teak leaves and wash them thoroughly. Add a piece of rhizome bangle, ginger or white turmeric. Boil with one-half glass of water until the remaining one glass. After the cold stew results then strain and drink.

During drinking this herb is recommended to drink plenty of water. If you don’t want to bother you can buy dry Dutch teak leaves that are widely available on the market (Indonesia).

Hopefully, a review of the benefits of Dutch Teak leaves as a weight loss benefit for those of you who are doing a diet program.


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