6 Steps to Measure Blood Pressure Independently at Home

Checking blood pressure correctly and independently at home is the main thing to know someone who has high blood pressure.

According to Dr Tan, someone whose blood is examined by a medical team, for example in a doctor can have higher blood test results, because they are already worried or stressed when facing a white-collar doctor or nurse.

Steps to Measure Blood Pressure Independently at Home

If examined independently at home usually a patient will be calmer especially if there are family members who help him. This could be the impression of a doctor or a situation in a hospital or clinic that is usually associated with diagnosing the disease and the patients being treated.

So that the results obtained are more accurate, blood pressure checks need to pay attention to several factors so that the results obtained are more accurate and provide conclusions of the correct reading.

The following things are factors that need to be considered when someone does a blood test independently at home.

6 Steps to Measure Blood Pressure Independently at Home

Using the Right Tool

To be more empowering yourself, it is necessary to properly measure blood pressure at home..

That means with tools that are purchased by yourself and confirmed the tools are in good condition (standardized/ditera).

The device should not be used interchangeably with others so that the lighting does not change.

Involving Family Members

It is recommended that the examination be carried out by one family member or another person at home, not by the patient himself to avoid the patient’s condition which is getting more stressful because of measuring his weight.

By involving other family members will grow a sense of mutual care between family members.

Attention like this will greatly provide a sense of security and calm for the sufferer.

Make a List of Measurement Results and Causes of Rising in Blood Pressure

You need to make a list of daily tensions (for 3-6 months) and understand the purpose of making this list of results.

From daily figures, it can be seen or graphed up and down daily tension.

At the same time, note the causes of extreme numbers.

This is important as a discussion with the doctor to make an analysis.

Because what is going well and not good for the patient needs to be understood together by the patient and his doctor.

Perform Routine Inspections

Perform routine blood pressure checks, 4 times a day, that is, wake up, afternoon, evening, and at night after sleeping for about 15 minutes.

Examination in the morning and afternoon while awake is checking tension when the senses are on so that various stimuli around the patient are caught by the senses.

Whereas the tension check at 15 minutes after sleep is carried out as a comparison if there is no external stimulus.

Pay Attention to Checking Precision

Pay attention to the precision of the check, for example, the patient’s position when checking.

Once examined in lying or lying down position, another check must also be carried out in this position because differences in the position of the patient’s body can cause differences in pressure (the principle of fluid physics law).

Watch for Hypertension Triggers

If it is suspected that hypertension is triggered by stress that comes from the mind, so the control steps can be determined, namely processing the mind through meditation, zikr (in Islam), prayer, or cultivating the mind to be more grateful and resigned.

Thus tips on measuring blood pressure independently at home. I hope it can be useful!

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